Steps to Help You Through the Mortgage Process

With today’s low rates, are you thinking about buying your first home or refinancing your current one? Follow these steps to help you through the mortgage process:

  1. Complete an online application using this link:
  2. Be responsive and stay in touch with your lender – Extra documents are normally required—be sure to promptly get any required documents back to your lender to keep the process moving forward
  3. Get your pre-approval and start shopping for what you can afford
  4. Be sure to have homeowner’s insurance lined up – Proof of insurance will be required before final approval
  5. Do not take out an additional debt – During the mortgage process you will want to avoid taking out any additional debt as this can change your debt to income ratio and affect your approval
  6. Do not change jobs without consulting with your lender first
  7. Be open and ask any questions you have during the process