Is your credit card protected? Learn more about MyCard Alerts

Did you know that your Midland Credit Union Mastercard has fraud alerts you can sign up for?

The steps to enroll are easy.

Go to and go to the e-Services tab (before you log in) and click on MyCardAlerts. A pop up will let you know that you are leaving the Midland CU page, click OK.

Once you are to the webpage you will register your card. You will click on the red button that says Register/Manage and follow the prompts to enter your card info. Once that is complete you will be able to select how you would like to receive your alerts. You can receive them via email or text message. From there you will be able to select the type of alerts you wish you receive.

It is wise to select all the alert options, so your card is fully protected.

Once you have selected your preferred alerts you are done! You do not have to manage the alerts unless you want to make a change.

Don’t have a Midland Credit Card? Apply for one today by clicking the link below or calling one of our loan officers at 515-645-9334.


FAQ’s about MyCardAlerts