FREE Electronic Statements, or eStatements, are the fast and secure way to receive your statements electronically in half the time.

  • No more storing paper copies
  • View and print at your convenience
  • Receive in half the time
  • Access remotely from any internet connection
  • Safer than receiving in your mailbox


How to sign-up for Electronic Statements (e-Statements)

1. Log into Home Banking.
2. Click on the “e-Statements” tab.
3. Read the Electronic Statement Agreement and then click the “I Accept” button.
4. Your last 12 monthly electronic statements will appear.
5. Click “View” to review or print a statement.

All statements are printable PDF documents. Adobe PDF reader is available as a FREE download.  Once you sign up for electronic statements you will no longer receive paper statements via snail mail.  Please keep your email address updated with us to ensure proper delivery of your statements.