Youth Accounts

At Midland Credit Union, we desire to partner with parents in educating and equipping our youth members to navigate their financial life—helping them make wise decisions now that will follow them far into adulthood. We believe it’s not enough to put financial services in their hands – we need to teach young people early-on how to use those financial services responsibly before they’re making these decisions on their own.

Find us in our community schools.

We offer our local school district Banzai an online financial literacy program FREE! It is designed to help students learn by doing. Check out how many schools and students we have helped at

Below is a list of financial services we recommend for members age 17 and under. Please take a few moments to review this information and determine if it’s time to offer your child/teen a few more financial tools.


For Members Ages 0-12: Savasaurus Club Tree House Scooter Scooter the Savasaurus is here to help you learn how to save money, use a credit union and earn special prizes along the way. You can be a member of our club if you are 12 years of age or younger.




13 graphic-for-website For Members Ages 13-15 On your child’s 13th birthday, they automatically “graduate” out of the Savasaurus Club, and will soon be ready for a whole new world of financial services. We believe it’s our responsibility—along with parents or guardians—to prepare teens for this new world.

  • Visa Debit Card – Our Visa Debit Card is a great complement to our Checking accounts. They’re a smart way to practice buying with plastic while your parents are still close to guide you. It also gives you the ability to withdraw cash at an ATM.
  • Prepaid Card – If you’re not quite ready for a checking account and Check Card, a prepaid card loaded with your allowance may be a good start. You’ll learn how to manage your money while using a card, with minimal risk.

To open your very own New Account with Midland, or to get started with any of these services, stop in to your nearest Midland Credit Union branch, call 800-747-1994, or complete a secure online application.



16 graphic-for-website For Members Ages 16-17 Wow, so many exciting changes are coming your way soon, and your finances are no exception! You may soon be thinking about getting your first job, buying your first car, even starting to think about your long-term career goals – and your finances tie in to all of these “firsts.”

Your credit score is something you’ve probably never thought about, and you likely don’t even have one yet. However, it will be a very important number to you in the next few years. It’s often times a determining factor of whether or not you get the job you want, it’s used to determine the rate you’ll receive on loans, and a good credit score can save you as much as $100,000 over your lifetime!

Let’s start building that credit score together…safely & responsibly. See below for a few ideas we suggest you discuss with your parents/guardians.

  • Midland’s Checking – If you haven’t already opened one, it’s likely time to open your first Checking account. You get a free checking account with a free Visa debit card and Savings account, plus all of the free electronic services we offer so you can keep an eye on your accounts.
  • First Car Loan – If your parents co-sign your first car loan, we’ll give you a rate based on your parents’ credit scores. However, the loan will work on building your credit score.
  • Credit-Builder Loan – Build your credit score even if you don’t need the money. We give you a loan at a very low-interest rate, but set the loaned funds aside in a savings account for you. You make payments toward the loan, and when your monthly principal payments equal the amount saved, the money is yours!

To open your very own membership with Midland, or to get started with any of these services, stop in to your nearest Midland Credit Union branch.