Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule


Product Amount
Account Closing within 6 months or for Misuse $25.00
Account Conversion Fee $31.00*
Account Research/Reconciliation $20.00/hour*
Account Verification of Deposit $10.00 *
ACH Authorization Revoked Fee $31.00*
ATM Deposit Fee (5 FREE per month) $5.00*
ATM Empty Envelope Fee $31.00
ATM Inquiry $1.00*
ATM Out of State Transaction Fee $1.00*
ATM Withdrawals (10 FREE per month) $1.50*
Business Account Monthly Service Fee $10.00*
Card (plastic) replacement fee $10.00*
Cashier Check/CU Check to 3rd party $3.00
Change Order Fee Per Strap $1.00*
Change Order Fee Per Roll $0.10*
Check Cashing Fee
(if non-matching funds- Max $5.00)
Check Copy Fee $3.00*
Debit Card Overdraft Fee $31.00
Deposit Return Fee: Member Check $31.00/each
Deposit Return Fee: Not member Check $10.00/each*
Garnishment Administrative Fee $25.00/each*
Holiday Share Early Withdrawal fee $15.00
Inactive Account fee (balance < $500, 18 years and older) (monthly) $5.00
IRA (NEW) Documentation fee $25.00
IRA Account Closing Within 1 year $15.00
IRA Outgoing Transfer Request $10.00
Levy Admin Fee $25.00*
Money Market Service Fee (Bal < $10K) $15.00
Money Market Withdrawal Fee (6 free month) $10.00
Money Order $2.00/each
Non-Member coin counting $2.00
Non-Member Gift Card $5.00/each
Non-Member Notary $5.00
Non-Member Reloadable Card $25.00
NSF Check (deposit-personal/payment) $31.00
NSF Transaction/Item/Overdraft $31.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee (Share or LOC Draw)
Increments of $100.00
Payment by Phone/Online $5.00
Payment NSF Fee $31.00
Privilege Pay Overdraft Fee $31.00
Returned/Undeliverable Mail Fee $7.50/month*
Safekeeping Fee(checks/plastic) $3.00/each*
Share Draft/Checks Varies
Shared Branching Fee (5 FREE month) $5.00/each*
Stop Payment Fee $31.00*
Stop Payment MCU Check before 90 day VOID $31.00*
Temporary/Instant Issue Debit Card $10.00*
Temporary Pack of Checks (10 in a pack) $5.00*
Wire Transfer Fee – Incoming $5.00*
Wire Transfer Fee – Domestic $20.00*
Wire Transfer Fee – International US currency $45.00*
Wire Transfer Fee – International Foreign Curr. $45.00*

*Fees subject to IA state and local taxes if associated with checking account.

For questions concerning Midland Credit Union fee structure, please contact us at 515-278-1994.


Safe Deposit Box Fees Change

Effective 9/1/2015

Size 3x5x22 $20.00

Size 5x5x22 $25.00

Size 3x10x22 $40.00

Size 5x10x22 $50.00

Size 10x10x22 $60.00

*Fees subject to IA State and local taxes if associated with checking account.